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Welcome To Sacred Sound Talent

A chance to demonstrate your musical talent and enter a contest to win

  • FREE Plane Ticket To Costa Rica

  • 2 Weeks Of Free Recording Time

  • Accomodation In Our Jungle Retreat Center

A Childhood Vision Coming True

Why are we offering this contest for the sacred talents out there? 

Many talented artists around the world don't get a chance to showcase their passion and perfect their work in a professional studio, as it can be challenging both financially and geographically.

Growing up passionate about music, Vismay witnessed the incredible work of Genesis' lead singer Peter Gabriel and his Real World Records. This label was a pioneer in showcasing artists worldwide and giving them freedom of creativity.

We know there are amazing artists out there who simply don’t have the opportunity to be heard; now is your time to shine! 

Why You Should Participate

Opportunities like this don't come around the corner every day

This is your opportunity to showcase your musical talent and share your love for spiritual music. Your video will be uploaded on our platforms, which gives you visibility.


Plus, get a chance to win two weeks of recording time in our studio, ALL INCLUDED in the heart of the lush Costa Rican forest.

  • 1st Place Prize - Ticket to Costa Rica + 2 Weeks Of Recording Time + Accommodation In Our Forest Retreat Center

  • 2nd Place Prize - 20 Hours Of Recording Time + Guidance From Our Sound Engineers

  • 3rd Place Prize -  5 Hours Of Mastering or Mixing Your Tracks In Our Professional Studio

The contest will compromise of three winning prizes


Send Us Your Masterpiece

There are certain criterias to follow before sending us your track

Please make sure to follow them to fit our contest criterias

1A Music Video Needs To Be Provided 

This can be anything from live performance to a fully edited video

2.Spirit or Sacred Songs Are Preferred 

3. Showcase Your Most Creative Self 

You have until April 21st to send us your video

  Voting For Your Favourite Artist  

We want everyone to have an equal chance of winning.

Mobilizing followers in order to get votes up is something we want to limit.

In order to be able to vote, you need to correspond to one or more of these

1.You supported our project previously by buying a perk

This can be anything from Florestral discounts, to music lessons and more

If you want to support this project and get a chance to vote


2. You Are Part Of Our Patreon

You'll have exclusive access to meditations, behind the scenes videos and more

If you want to support our Patreon and get a chance to vote


3. Have Donated Previously To Our Crowdfunding

You'll be supporting the creation of Sacred Sound Studios

If you want to support Sacred Sound Studios and get a chance to vote


Looking For Some Inspiration?

Check out some of the other's artists' beautiful work

If you want to get access to the entire contest playlist in order to vote and enjoy all spirit artists' work

  • How does voting work?
    By accessing the form, you'll be able to vote for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd favorite artists The first position gets 3pts, the second positions get 2pts and the third position gets 1pt. Please do not vote for the same artist more than once! We will count the total number of points after voting ends, and announce our winner on the Sunday May 8th LIVE Broadcast!
  • What do the winners receive?
    Our talent contest consists of three winning prizes 1ST Position - Get a FREE ticket to Cost Rica + 2 Weeks of Recording Time and accommodation in our beautiful forest center 2ND Position - Gets 2 hours of recording time in our professional studio with sound experts to help along the way 3RD Position - Gets 5 hours of recording time or mixing and mastering of your project Thank you for participating
  • When will the winners be announced?
    The winners will be announced LIVE on our Sunday Broadcast on May 7th starting at 12pm ET. Make sure to join and sing alone with us!
  • How do I access the form?
    We send a password to all eligible voters in order to access the form. If you didn't receive an email, please make sure to check all your Inbox and Spam folders first, if that doesn't work please contact us and we'll send you a new one!
  • Who is allowed to vote?
    If you purchase one of our perks, join our Patreon or donate to our crowdfunding, you'll be able to vote in the Sacred Sound Talent contest. We will use the email address provided to verify the validity of the voter during the verification process. Please make sure to enter the correct email address when voting. NOTE: This is to avoid mobilizing followers and to support the development of this project.
  • What if I already purchased a perk or am already part of the Patreon?
    If you purchased a perk, donated to our crowdfunding or are already part of our Patreon you can definitely still vote! Just make sure to use the same email address you used previously for our verification process.

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Got questions?

Contact us through any of the following platforms and we'll answer any questions you may have

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