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Music is the language of the Soul and comes
from a place that is sacred.


Music is a powerful tool for healing, it opens the channel of the heart and releases the mind barriers. Through our song we pray, call, release and affirm our pure hearts. We intend to give a home for spiritual oriented artists and listeners, giving possibilities to recording artists to be in a facility that suits their special needs for perfect creation environment.


Since the year 2000 we have been recording these songs on our global travels with the Medicine Spirit. Songs have been recorded during ceremonies as well as recorded, mixed and arranged in the Sound of Light Forest Studio. 

This sweet mantra arrived in our Vision Quest retreat in Florestral 2021.
We were all singing it by the end of the retreat and it was so powerful to sing it together that we had to record it and share with you!

Our music library is a gateway to the Sacred Medicine of the forest and music world of Sound of Light, a home for all the songs and albums that have been recorded in our studio, as well as during ceremonies. Each song has its unique origin and all have been meaningfully selected as they reflect and translate the sacred teachings of the Medicine Spirit. 

Our extensive collections of songs for song-circles, ceremonies and Kirtan
Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 4.57.47 PM.png

Our Patreon members receive all of the music that is produced by the Sacred Sound Records team, including live recordings, meditation mixes, alternate versions, remixes, and exclusive releases. Patreon subscribers also have access to exclusive video lessons from Vismay on guitar and music theory, behind the scenes access to the studio build, as well as teachings and seminars from Florestral.

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