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Sound Healing facility

Sound Healing is a meditative practice that uses vibrations and special frequencies in order to relax our mind and body, and connect us to source. Our Sound Healing facility accommodates varying sound healing modalities in especially designed acoustic spaces. 

The Sound Healing Facility will be connected to Sacred Sounds Recording Studio, both through the location of the buildings themselves, as well as through their complimentary uses.  This two building complex will evolve to include the VISphere, Float Tanks, Sound Massage Beds and other forms of sound healing, such as the dedicated Gong & Bowl room, the Sitar Chair and more.

We will be merging technology and sound to enhance the healing work that is done in this space. This facility will be an integration of sound, forest, community, meditation and consciousness.

We are opening this space for Sound Healers of all modalities, to experience and create their own healing journeys. Join us in the forest to collaborate with our Sound Healing Team. We have over 15 years of experience designing sound healing and meditation journeys, both live and recorded. Through our continued work and exploration, we are venturing into the realm of sound-infused experiences in water, combining the power of sound and the elements to enhance any healing modality.   

visphere front view_edited.jpg

Take a flight with our ViSphere

Revolutionary 360° speaker setup enabling us to offer real surround sound experiences.

We are thrilled to share our brand-new format for sound healing and consciousness exploration. And we have devoted several years to developing and building this 22 channel omni-directional array so that we may immerse ourselves and others in a sensory wonderland, complete with moving sounds and limitless possibilities. The VISphere is the result of our passion and mission to combine state-of-the-art technology with sacred spirit and sound healing, allowing for deeper exploration in the realm of consciousness expansion. Read more on

Tibetan bowls & Gongs

Experience the immense healing power of these ancient instruments in a specially engineered acoustic space. 


Tibetan Bowls and Gongs have been used for centuries for meditation, relaxation and music creation. Our Tibetan bowl room has been especially created for the exploration and recording of the healing vibrations of these ancient instruments. The materials used in the walls, ceiling, and even furnishings, accommodate the wide range of intricate frequencies, allowing the artist complete freedom of creation. This unique space is open to healing artists of all modalities, and is ideal for the recording of singing bowls and guided meditations.


watsu pools and float tanks top view.png


Watsu is a form of aquatic bodywork used for deep relaxation and passive aquatic therapy. Watsu is characterized by one-on-one sessions in which a practitioner or therapist gently cradles, moves, stretches, and massages a receiver in chest-deep warm water.


We will be building a dedicated watsu pool in our sound healing facility that will be available for booking with our in house practitioners or open for outside practitioners to rent.


Floating tank

Salt water tank with a water-proof sound system letting you escape to your inner world. The listener is exposed to a ‘real’ sound environment that works with the psycho acoustic principles to give an immersive experience unparalleled to any other sound format.


float tanks.png
Floating tank

Monochord singing chair

The singing chair is a unique and powerful meditation device that uses the magic of sound and vibration to enhance conscious states. Healing frequencies are played directly on the strings attached to the chair, immersing the user in pure waves of sound. The singing chair may be used in support of different healing modalities, including guided meditations, accompanying singing and voice work, and hand on healing such as reiki and massage.

During the meditation, a sense of deep relaxation on all levels arises. Experience a soothing vibration creating a gentle massage which invokes a state of calmness and awareness. The soothing and relaxing sound of the monochord invites the powers of self healing and movement of energy.

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