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Sacred Sound Studios is your home for music production and sound healing exploration

Sacred Sound Studios is a space for everyone who creates sound based art. By building our recording and sound healing facilities in a lush forest setting, we aim to attract artists and creators who love nature, connection to the elements, and sacred music.

Professional Recording Studio


Music School

Our facility features 8 state-of-the-art practice and recording rooms that are varying sizes, accommodating both individual artists as well as larger groups of up to 40 in our grand hall.

These rooms are equipped to handle wired and acoustic recordings, allowing the collaborating artists to share a space and energy without sacrificing audio quality.


Within Sacred Sound Studios, we hold sound and music classes, both theoretical and hands on. We offer lessons in the field of conventional music study, such as guitar, bass, music theory and studio production.  We also conduct classes in the field of sound healing and sound journeying, collaborating with students in our studio setting to bring original sound healing works to the world.

The focal point of Sacred Sound Studios is the recording studio, equipped with industry standard production equipment and several sound treated rooms that allow pristine recording and sound work to be done.  This one-of-a-kind geodesic dome facility is dedicated to the creation and experience of sacred music, with the intention to explore the healing properties of sound. 


Sacred Sound Studios is a project that will be the first of its kind in the world, dedicated to sound healing and creating sacred music. 

Future services

In-House Production and Engineering

From conception to completion, our team will oversee the production of your track or album.


Our sound engineers are here to help you get the perfectly balanced mix on your track or album


Let us take care of the final details to take your recordings to the next level

Sound for video

Our audio team will perfect the sound on your next video project

Multi-room tracking environment

Enjoy pristine sound in our specially designed acoustically-sound recording spaces

Studio studio grade healing hall

Perfect for groups up to 20, immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of our grand hall.

Specialized production for VISphere

Transform your original work into the Virtual Immersive Sound format with our team.

Residency Program

Immerse yourself in our Forest retreat center to create and record your original works.

Concert space (workshops)

Our grand hall is available for your next live performance or workshop.


Upcoming s
Professional Grade Practice

We welcome you to Costa Rica to record and create with us. We are currently recording in Studio C and are looking for collaborators who are interested in the creation and exploration of Sacred Sound. Reach out and connect, we can't wait to create sonic magic with you. 

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