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Vismay Amrit


Born in Israel and left the conventional path at a young age to pursue a higher state of existence, Vismay has lived and studied in India for 6 years before meeting the great plant teacher Ayahuasca and moving to Brazil to go deep into the medicine world. After 6 years of study, the call arrived to share the knowledge and magic and since 2006 Vismay has been facilitating ceremonies around the world, creating the Sound of Light global circle.

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Tara Haugland


Born in Norway, travelled and lived in many countries around the globe learning and experiencing the world. Born with a passion for music, acting and art, she developed her creative skills from an early age. 

Creating and transforming concepts from ideas into 2d/3d, to designing and applying art on structures in real life. Her biggest focus with the Sacred Sound Studios is 3D modeling, design, animation and video effects, as well as applying VR to aid the creative process of our team.

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Sofia Rodrigues


Coming from a musical background as a professional DJ for over a decade, Sofia spent years traveling the world, and playing music for eclectic crowds. Discovering Sacred Music for the first time, gave her a clear understanding that this was the ultimate embodiment of the magic of sound. Since early in its inception, Sofia has helped to manage the Sacred Sound Studios project, working towards the manifestation of this incredible container for sound healing and exploration.


Yon Chetrit


Professional filmmaker by day, and ayahuasca explorer by night, Yoni Chetrit has left the Hollywood grind, to seek calmer, more intentional, and greener pastures with us in Florestral. 


His mission here is clear- to devote his professional skills of 15+ years to create and deliver the highest quality, most heart felt and vividly inspiring creative media content that will grow our media department to levels unseen before visually. 


Pablo Zúñiga


Our construction manager on site is so much than a builder. With background in practical construction from a very young age his building skills and creative eye are astonishing.


He has studied and worked in Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada and for the last 8 years, Pablo has been working with Vismay on several innovative projects. From the technically demanding VISphere to the sacred space of our Fire Temple, when we build something, Pablo is involved!

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