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Sacred Sound Studios is a space for everyone who creates sound based art.

Sacred Sound Studios is an industry-standard music recording facility that covers over 300 square meters, featuring isolation booths for vocal recording, several fully equipped instrument tracking rooms and an impressive live room for larger instruments, groups and concerts. 

The recording facility is built inside a stunning 23 meter wide geodesic dome, constructed using the principals of sacred geometry at every stage. As a space that is dedicated to the creation of Sacred Music, every detail has been curated to enhance and support the healing properties of sound. The isolated vocal and tracking booths look into the control rooms, achieving a crystal clear output, yet allowing the artists to remain immersed in the collaboration.


Our grand live room has a direct view into the lush forest, where both the artists and audience can feel immersed in nature while enjoying a pristine audio experience. The artist lounge space above offers a superb vista, giving visitors a crystal clear view of the mountains, the Diamante waterfall and stunningly breathtaking sunsets.

This versatile facility will feature 8 rooms for sonic creation, practice and sound exploration. Featuring vocal booths, tracking rooms, a practice lounge and our Grand Hall, this space is built as a home for artists of different modalities to create and record their unique works.   

These rooms are equipped to handle wired and acoustic recordings, allowing the collaborating artists to share a space and energy with pristine audio quality.

With mastermind design by the Wes Laschot group, every detail has been carefully curated to create a perfect environment of sound and atmosphere for musicians and listeners.


Wes Lachot

Wes began designing studios in the mid-1980s while he was pursuing his original career as a recording engineer and producer. He is first a musician, having studied music theory, composition, and jazz piano at Berklee College of Music, and is still active as a producer and session musician.

Wes spent many years studying acoustics, and is a proponent of the design principle known as "organic architecture." His designs reflect his belief that each individual part of a design should relate to the whole in a natural, organic way, and that a well thought-out design can continue to grow and evolve if its original inspiration is based upon certain universal fundamental principles.

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