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The Vision is ON!

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

A month ago my studio project vision was in a crisis. The plans that I worked on for a year with a friend and a book failed smashingly to the opinion of all experts and my motivation was deflated to the point of wanting to just download a generic plan for a simplest music room. Three nights without sleep, trying to accept, letting go of this old vision. Then i just could not do it. I understood the fear of failure and prefer to fail a thousand times then not to try , crippled by fear. I could not let this great vision just pass by.. by dawn i was ready and started a search to find how spirit , that wants this vision to happen so much that she’s driving me crazy , intend to make it happen. That same day, by practical miracle, I found Wes & Lisa from Wes Laschot Design Group , a professional studio architect who is also into sacred geometry!

Now, a couple of weeks after their visit , the tractors have already prepared the ground and the design is in process. The vision is alive and clear , we will build the sound of light studios ! The largest facility of sacred sound creation and platform for sound healing arts, in the world !

Let’s go!

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