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Enjoy full use of our beautiful Studio and equipment to create your next single, EP, album, or any sonic creation your heart desires.


This perk includes a sound engineer that is familiar with our equipment to help facilitate your day.


For those who purchase this credit through our crowdfunding initiative, you will receive a discount on all of our services. 


You can redeem your credit with us at either the Sacred Sound Studios Main Recording Dome (as of June 2023) or join us now in Studio C !


As an added bonus, we welcome you to enjoy a flight in the ViSphere while you're with us!

Service List and Prices

Starting from...

Recording    $50.00

Mixing    $40.00

Sound for film   $70.00

Rehearsals  $40.00

Concerts   $100.00
Visphere / Atmos mixing  $70.00
Workshops   $100.00
Healing sessions   $40.00

*This table shows prices that are discounted for those who purchase this perk. Prices shown are per hour and in USD. 

Recording Time

PriceFrom $300.00
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