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Divine Reforestation Project


As the Amazon is placed under pressure for profit, Ayahuasca harvesting is adding to the disturbance of both the environment and the people that inhabit it.


The way in which the vine is being harvested might not be the most sustainable, at times whole chunks of forest being wiped out for a “fast” harvest. With this Medicine Plant Reforestation Project Florestral and Sound of Light aims to help keep this sacred medicine available in a sustainable and responsible way.


We invite you to adopt either a Jagube Vine, Rainha or a Native tree, supporting our community, the sacred medicine, and the healing of many around the world that are called to visit our beautiful center here in Costa Rica!


Your donation goes toward planting, maintenance, greenhouses, organic fertilizer initiative for one year. 


Choose the subscription if you'd like to keep supporting your plant and receiving updates after one year. 

Divine Reforestation Project

Price Options
One-time purchase
Adopt a Plant!
Continue to support your plant after the first year
$66.00every year until canceled
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